About Christoffer Nettelbladt

Pornography & Sexual Addiction Recovery - Coach - Specialist

Christoffer is a specialised & trained addiction recovery coach from Stockholm, Sweden who successfully recovered from pornography & online-gaming addiction.

Today Christoffer is thriving as a man, husband, father & way finder for those who are still struggling.

"My 12 years of addictions caused a lot of harm to both me and others around me. It destroyed all my friendships and almost the relationship with my wife. I was facing a crossroad, either I get help quick or ruin everything that matters to me. 
I feel that after surviving the horrors of porn addiction I want to provide an understanding about the addiction, tools & skills vital for recovery, establish boundaries towards one self and partner for people who are motivated to end addictions grip over their life and regain freedom and control."

Chris's former clients are daily enjoying their new lives of controlling their own life, free from addictions in thriving relationships.

About Undisputed PRN Recovery


Undisputed PRN Recovery help people who are struggling with pornography, sexual addiction & betrayal trauma to recover and reclaim their freedom by coaching and mentorship.

 The recovery programs are specifically designed to provide people with necessary education, vital skills and perspectives as well as question their behaviour, point of view and routines to not only build but to maintain a fulfilling life without addiction.

The methods are evidence & experience based and under constant improvement by implementing the findings from new studies and research. 

Online recovery makes it possible for us to work together from my location in Stockholm Sweden regardless of where you are in the world.


Provide the most effective & swift second chance to reclaim freedom for individuals & couples struggling with pornography, sexual addiction & betrayal trauma.

Core Values And Principals

  • We are constantly improving our methods and we believe in questioning the unquestioned and by challenging the unchallenged we hold nothing sacred in pursuit of the objective truth.
  • We believe that people are powerful and capable beyond limitation and can live the lives of their dreams. The only gap between addiction and a life to thrive in is knowledge & tools. We are here to close this gap.
  • Our only goal & true north is the successful recovery of our clients, everything we do is towards our goal & true north.
"Never forget that it was humans, just like you and me that went to the moon and back. The human capability knows literally no limitations" 
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