The 12 Weeks Of Withdrawal From Porn Addiction - Everything You Need To Know To Get Through It
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Written by Christoffer Nettelbladt on Jan 08, 2020

You might be wondering why you suddenly feel worse than before you stopped watching porn.
Maybe you have questions such as:

- Is this normal?
- How long will this last?
- What can I expect to experience from the withdrawal symptoms?
- How will I feel after the withdrawal symptoms go away?

I've written this article specifically to answer those questions for you.

Just by reading this article you are ahead of most people who are recovering from pornography, knowing what to expect and being prepared is crucial. 

Carry these words with you on your voyage:

"There are only two mistakes one can make on the road to truth, not going all the way and not starting."
- Buddha

Everything else are experiences and feedback from life which can be applied as knowledge and wisdom to carry on the voyage even stronger and wiser.

I don't want to discourage you in any way, but rather provide knowledge about what will unfold during the next 12 weeks.

Studies show that withdrawal symptoms from pornography is as powerful as those of heavy drugs such as cocaine and heroine.

You will be prepared for what's coming and you are dedicated enough to change that you are reading this article. That already show the strength of you character.

Following from here is a detailed guide for you through the withdrawal from day one up until 12 weeks when they typically wear of completely.

1 Day To A Week

The first thing that happens when you quit is that your Dopamine levels drop very rapidly. Dopamine is the chemical your brain surges into your natural reward system every time you look at porn.

Dopamine is typically naturally released when we consume water and food. It's also released when we have sex and through parenting. 

Of course the benefit of this is to reward and enforce crucial behaviours for our survival. But any addiction high jacks this reward system and dumps massive amounts of dopamine so natural crucial behaviours no longer can compete with the level of reward from the addiction. 

In these first few days, your brain will be in complete shock.

Most people experience the following withdrawal symptoms within 48 hours of quitting:

Mood swings – As your brain tries to rebalance itself, you’ll feel like a teener trying to control emotions. Happy one minute and on the verge of tears the next.

Headaches – The magnitude varies from person to person.

Grumpiness – Every little thing have the power to irritate you.

Anxiety – For some this will show like little more than stress, for others it can go as far as panic attacks.

Pornographic Thoughts – Temptation during the first week is extreme. This is because your last pornographic episode is still fresh in your memory. 

The Seven Day Trap

Are YOU able to quit watching porn for a full week?
For a lot of people the answer is no. It is due to the Seven-Day Trap, a classic pitfall and a very potent trap.
It wont matter how many times you reach seven days of a porn free streak, this trap is not easily dismantled.

The Seven-Day Craving is exactly what it sounds like… You’ll usually experience very intense cravings around Day 7 without looking at porn. For some, you’ll get your 7-Day Craving at Day 21. For some, it’ll come at Day 5 and last ‘til Day 10.

One - Three Weeks Porn Free

Well done getting through week one!

During this period of time you will typically deal with the bellow mentioned:

Unable to Focus – Because of the energy levels dropping it can be difficult to focus, be productive and feel motivated.

Social Awkwardness – The best way I can explain this one is to the opposite of "the glow" of a pregnant woman.
It can feel like what you are going through is just written in your forehead and it can feel awkward in social settings at times. 

Zombie-like State – Remember the dopamine levels have dropped from an extremely high level back down to it's original "baseline" or default. The difference between the two are tremendous and for anywhere between two weeks up to two months energy levels will be low.

Low Sex Drive – Although porn will still be tempting sexual activity during this period might not feel all to exciting due to the temporary low energy levels. 

Loneliness – Just like the addiction itself can cause feelings of loneliness, this process at this stage can too. It's important to have a supportive network, either provided by professional recovery help or through friends/family.
It's important to be reminded that it's just temporary feelings not reality.  

Four To Eight Weeks

At around 28 days without any porn is when roughly 50% Experience that the initial porn addiction withdrawals start to fade.

Heavily addicted persons will need another month or two to feel withdrawals fade away. Even if you still struggle with withdrawal symptom. At this point a new habit is formed. Going about the days without pornography. The distance to pornography is growing every day and every time a situation and emotion is dealt with in new healthy ways it further enforces the new way of life.

What's happening within the brain right now is:
The “layers” of addicting Delta Fos-B which stack up within the brain due to repeated Dopamine overdosing are starting to deteriorate. The brain is essentially re-wiring itself to operate with normal levels of Dopamine.

During this period these are the withdrawals to look out for:

Random Temptation – This one right here is especially dangerous and to be watched out for. Where as other withdrawals are not experienced the same for every one and some might not even occur for some people.
The random temptations is experienced by every one and those who doesn't make it beyond this point, fail due to the random temptations. It can literally be anything that sets dit of and if not addressed properly and immediately it is a sure fire way to end up relapsing.    
Bursts of Overwhelming Emotion – This is as strange as it is wonderful. You could be listening to a song, reading a book or watching a movie and just burst into tears of joy or empathy. 

Insomnia – For anyone who's been addicted for many years with high intensity it's almost certain to experience this.
It's very important to have new routines and habits in place to burn through energy and increase your chances of getting a good nights sleep.

Depression – Not everyone experience this and those who do, know that it will pass. it's "just" withdrawal it's not the end of the world even though it might feel like it. This to shall pass!

Beyond This Point & Onward

So, you've made it all the way here. You'll start to notice some profound changes in your life.
These are a few and there is no telling what you will experience in addition to this in your unique life and situation:

You’re starting to feel happier

Your sex drive is coming back in a healthy way

You have more energy and focus than ever before

Your marriage actually feels fulfilling on a much deeper level and you will appreciate your partners appearance a lot more.

An interest for self development

Just to give you a point of reference, I noticed all of the above and more during my 9th week after my 12 years of addiction.

There is no telling where you will go from here now that you have reclaimed your freedom and sovereignty.

The dominant effect for clients is a new foundation to cherish each other based on boundaries, trust, respect and intimacy.

Other effects clients experience is:
More interest in their career, some have even achieved promotions.
significant increase in revenue for their own business.
A spark to improve other areas of life that come to light now that addiction isn't the focus area. 

As you can imagine it is not by chance or accident people either don't make it all the way and get stuck trying to quit for years, and why people succeed to establish a lifestyle with out pornography.

In order for you to make a profound and lasting change it requires you to have:
An effective plan - Both long term and short term
Strategies - to execute on your plan
Tools - Actionable methods for your strategies

This is either done alone or with professional help. Without the above mentioned there is no getting through this entire process without relapsing and getting stuck.

It boils down to either trying to carve your own path through this process, or walking a proven, simple and highly effective one.

I help couples & individuals to recover from pornography, sexual addiction and betrayal trauma
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Below is what people have to say about their recovery with me.

“From relapsing twice a week & a marriage tainted by broken trust to thriving in control of his life and a marriage reborn out of honesty & intimacy”
"I have worked with many different therapists and in many different recovery programs, and I have never had such a good understanding of the way my brain works as I do now after completing Chris’s program. I am now able to watch the thoughts roll into my brain that would cause me to have a setback, and with Chris’s help, I have systems in place to overcome them.

The thing I appreciated most about Chris as a coach was his ability to work backwards through my thought process whenever I had a setback and identify the key reason that it happened. With his help I was able to identify two key personality traits (perfectionism and procrastination) that make me more vulnerable to porn addiction. From there he worked with me to develop strategies and systems to overcome the negative effects of these traits and become a better version of myself. More than anything this program taught me to relax. Before the program, I was constantly wound up so tight from the stress of trying to fight this that I was honestly incapable of relaxation. Chris helped me to realise that I need more balance in my life between my physical, mental, and spiritual energy, and once again helped me develop strategies and systems to achieve that balance. I never would have guessed that perfectionism and procrastination were the main triggers I deal with. I consider myself to be a hard worker, and never thought of myself as someone who has a problem with procrastination. "​

Nicolas from Pittsburgh​
Helicopter pilot

“From 17 years of addiction to reclaimed freedom” 
"After 17 years of addiction I'm finally equipped for my life without it.
Without Christoffers program I would still be stuck in the pattern of failing to quit and act out.
The reason I put my trust in the hands of Christoffer is because he have stood where I was standing.
In my line of work I value advices based on the persons experience.
I could put my trust in Christoffer because he has been in the trenches himself.
I see a bright future ahead without addiction, thanks to Christoffers program. "​

George from Los Angeles

Christoffer Nettelbladt

Christoffer Nettelblad helps people start their new life without pornography, sexual addiction & betrayal trauma.  He is an expert at helping people reclaim control of their life & help relationships reach their full potential using online methods while making it simple to understand.
If you're interested in starting your own new life without addiction, in control and thriving, then definitely reach out and request a free consultation today.
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