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I help couples & individuals to recover from pornography, sexual addiction and betrayal trauma
Are you struggling with pornography, sexual addiction and betrayal trauma?

My name is Christoffer Nettelbladt and these very issues nearly destroyed my own relationship & carrier.

Through my own experience I understand how you feel, but also know that recovery is possible.

Based on my own experience, specialised training and CBT, I provide recovery through 1 on 1 coaching & mentorship. 

If you're interested in recovering from these struggles with predictability,
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  • ​Recover & transcend within 90 days
  • ​Recovery available in English & Swedish
  • No interference with your work
  • Done from the convenience of your own home

“Without changing our pattern
 of thought, we will not be able
 to solve the problems we 
created with our current 
patterns of thought.”
- Albert Einstein

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