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Changing The Lives Of Therapists, Phycologists, Coaches & Wellness Professionals

Let Us Help You 2x, 4x or even 10x your private-pay caseload & Grow Your Private Practice Into A Thriving Business. By Teaching You The Methodology & Skills Required
To Grow A Private Thriving Practice In The 21st Century.
“Imagine not taking insurance anymore … it used to be my dream, now it’s my reality - every single one of my clients are private-pay.
I joined Therapy Practice Consulting with the intention of never taking insurance again. My practice needed a rework, and I needed to treat it as a business.
TPC got me going in the right direction. The program inspired me personally, and it altered the way I see myself and my practice. It sure is a place for people to get help and guidance, but it’s also a business.
I have been in practice for 11 years, and I have never made as much money as I am making now, while maintaining my 7 hours work/day! my goal was to make 2K a day on average, and I soon met that goal. I don't work more than 7 hours a day, and I have been steadily making that. It feels wonderful!
I cherish the clients who work with me, and have raised my fee exponentially, with close to no complaints.
Thank you! I’ve worked hard, and throughout the program I felt encouraged, just kept doing the work, and and turned my dream into reality.
The TPC program is a lifestyle and paradigm shift, and once you implement that routine, you can only succeed.”
Julie Wright LMFT

Most therapists & wellness professionals don't recognise that they are also entrepreneurs who are running a business. 

The Entrepreneur in them finds work & create opportunity for the therapist & wellness professional perform the work.

Yes, Therapy Practice Consulting was Founded so private practitioners could fill their caseload with private-pay customers...

Completely transform the client experience so you can increase sales, raise your rates and finally grow your company the healthy way.

Let me introduce you to how it works:

Let me introduce you to how it works

  • Acquire, Convert, Retain & Expand Relationships 
  • - Learn A Methodology That Changes The Way You Acquire, Convert, Retain, & Expand Client Relationships.
  • Client Conversion Methodologies
  • - Utilise Methods To Get Clients Who Are Ready To Buy, Pay Upfront, And Are Genuinely Grateful For The Service You Provide.
  • Carefully Designed Client Experience
  •  -  Focus Your Time & Expertise Towards The Clients Who Need Your Help The Most & You Are Best Suited For & Most Passionate About Helping.

“Without changing our pattern
 of thought, we will not be able
 to solve the problems we 
created with our current 
patterns of thought.”
- Albert Einstein

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